Home Buying & Selling:
How We Can Help

When buying or selling a home, there is a lot to manage—from document preparation to taxes to financing—not to mention packing. That is why we are here to help lighten the burden. Our experienced staff will manage the parts of the process that you may not be prepared to manage yourself, and most importantly, give you a comforting sense of confidence that the logistics are being handled properly.

Here is how we can help throughout each step of the process.



Purchase & Sale Contract

The contract is one of the most important pieces of the transaction, as it is a legally binding document that sets out the price, deposit, contingencies, and deadlines that significantly impact the rest of the process. Whether you have already signed a contract, have an unsigned contract, or would like assistance in drafting one, we’re prepared to help you with the next steps.

Title Search

One of our main functions is to conduct a title search to determine that the seller has marketable title to the property. We will then deliver our findings to you in the form of a title opinion, which describes any easements, rights of way, covenants, and other matters that impact your purchase. If our title search raises any questions, we will work with the seller’s attorney to resolve them.


The closing is when title to the property is transferred to you and you sign all of the necessary documents for your mortgage. Our role at closing is to review with you and have you sign the Closing Disclosure or settlement statement and the necessary mortgage documents. Lenders typically ask our office to conduct your closing on their behalf in addition to providing the title search and closing services for you.

By working with us, you can anticipate the smoothest closing process possible. We attend to all the important details on your behalf, including any unexpected issues that arise prior to or at the time of closing.



Purchase & Sale Contract

Just as if you were purchasing a property, the contract is an important, legally binding document that defines the price, deposit, contingencies, and deadlines. With our guidance, we can move forward with a contract you’ve already signed, review one that you have, or draft a new one for you.

Warranty Deed

As a seller, you are required to provide a warranty deed conveying title to your property to the buyer. We can help prepare a new warranty deed and other supporting documents necessary to convey title to your buyer.

Zoning Compliance

In Vermont, compliance with local and state land use permitting matters has a significant impact on your ability to sell your property. If there are compliance issues, or you have done any work to your property that may have required a permit but a permit was not obtained, this can significantly delay your closing or even allow the buyer to not purchase the property and receive their deposit back. Our team will work with you and on your behalf to make sure that there are no such compliance issues that might compromise your sale.


We will prepare the appropriate documents necessary for your signature, review the settlement statement with you in advance of closing, and forward the documents we prepare to the buyer’s attorney for your signature at closing. The buyer’s attorney hosts and conducts the closing, but we are available via telephone during the closing if questions or issues arise, or we can attend the closing, if you prefer.


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